jacky goh Dinomao
Jacky Goh - Co-founder & COO of DinoMao
Being an avid gamer, Jacky has spent his entire life immersed in the digital arena.

His gaming conquests range from popular titles such as World of Warcraft to even Maplestory. Always ready for a new adventure, Jacky’s interest in developing new experiences for gamers was a key motivating factor to start the first online claw machine gaming app for the Southeast Asian region.

With claw machines rising in popularity again, Jacky has no doubt the DinoMao app will bring endless hours of addictive fun for individuals of all ages. The accessibility of the game – with uncomplicated maneuvers and a little bit of luck – is part of his mission to spread the joy of gaming not just with gamers, but for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Jacky with his knowledge of Business Information Technology that he acquired during his poly days, aided him as a business growth consultant at a local consulting firm prior to his business ventures. As a serial entrepreneur, Jacky is also concurrently running a startup called GOshot selling the next generation of energy drinks.