Jeremy Foo - Founder & CEO of DinoMao

Jeremy Foo is constantly in search of ways to create change through his creative and innovative thought process.

Since the age of 12, he has started multiple business in order to make multiple income stream for himself. His passion in entrepreneurship and innate leadership skills contributing to his success as a leader in multiple start-up firms which have been featured throughout different multi-media outlets since he was 18. Which have commanded many commendations and respect from his peers and colleagues.

At a young age of 24, Jeremy Foo joined one of Singapore's and Australia’s largest prop trading firm, Propex, and has achieved milestones, awarded Top Derivative Trader and Fastest Growth Trader. He has also made significant impact and change to his trading company in both development and communication, boosting the company revenue in 2015 and 2016. His expertise in finance coupled with his entrepreneurial drive allowed Jeremy to manage a wide range of businesses, both local and overseas markets.

When he noticing the allure of claw games and the great pleasure it brought to players he decided to explore a new business ideas to bring it to Singapore. From tinkering with motherboards to persisting with field research at local arcade game shops, DinoMao the first ever online claw game machine app developed by Singaporeans was born., Wantedly, Medium, Twitter