DinoMao backend is a smartphone consumer/business to consumer marketplace to selling your new and secondhand goods through an arcade machine.

DinoMao Infographic

Selling your Products/Goods
How does it work?
Place any products that you wish to sell with us, We would do a check on the quality and compliance before approval, Once approved we would then put up your products into our arcade machines. See below.

How we charge?
We charge a flat fee + percentage of the total revenue spent on catching your product + shipping fee per product delivered.
The Flat Fee goes to the 3rd party machine owner, percantage goes to our distribution partner and shipping fees for the product packaging.

Contact us at contact@dinomao.com for more info.


DinoMao Infographic

Renting out your machines
How does it work?
If you have unused machines and you would like to put it with us for online use. Do contact us.
All Machines will be check for quality, serviceability and compliance before we take in.
Take Note: We would need to modify the motherboard for online use.
DinoMao will not be liable for any damages to the machine during and after modification.
Machine put with us are at your own risk.

One Time payment to convert your machine for online use.

How we pay?
We pay the owner a monthly fix amount for the use for their machine. Contact us at contact@dinomao.com for more info.